Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?

At this stage, our Indian Chickpea Curry is vegan and our Salmon Orzo dish is pescatarian. We currently have a bunch of delicious recipes that cater to a variety of dietary requirements in the pipeline – so stay tuned!
We do our very best to ensure we respect your preferences and allergies. However, we work out of a shared facility and so don’t recommend Nom Pot if you have a serious food allergy. 

When do you deliver?

We deliver once a week on Mondays in Boston, but have some (limited) flexibility. We’ll reach out once you order.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver to Boston and surrounding towns, but we’re always looking out for interested customers in new locations. Stay in touch on developments by signing up to our mailing list, following us @nom_pot on Instagram or drop us a line at hello@nompotmeals.com.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We take great pride in sourcing from high quality producers, local to Boston and surrounding areas in Massachusetts.

Do I need to be at home to accept my delivery?

Our temperature-controlled bags are packed with ice gel packs and insulated liners to ensure your meals stay frozen for the full delivery day. While you don’t need to be home to accept the delivery, we do recommend that you place the meals in your freezer as soon as practicable. This will prevent thawing and help maximise shelf-life.

How long will my meals last?

As long as the meals remain frozen, we have a 6 month shelf-life.