Meet the Nom Pot team!

Hello everybody! We are Ed, Kasey, Neha, and Zach. Nice to meet you! We met last year while attending graduate school. We immediately bonded over our love of food and hosting dinners for friends. We really enjoyed bringing people together, sharing our food, and talking well into the evening (with the help of some bottles of wine).

As we ate, we often voiced our frustrations with the food industry today. In particular, we discussed the never-ending disappointing trade-off between health and convenience. As students, we had a keen understanding of the speed of food delivery. But we were always unsatisfied with how unhealthy the options were. However, we also struggled finding the time to make healthy meals at home. 

As these conversations continued, we decided we wanted to be part of the solution. At Zach’s apartment, we held a brainstorming session aided by Kasey’s color-coded sticky notes and turned the apartment wall into spider web of big ideas. To this day, we still laugh at some of Ed’s silly ideas. But between all the noise, the idea for frozen, fully prepped, healthy meals stood out. The beginnings of Nom Pot was born.

The team started spending countless hours together in the kitchen. We learned a lot about each other! Kasey and Neha were already extremely skilled home chefs and put their heads together on recipe development. Those two really turned our idea into true (and delicious!!) meals. Zach showed off his chopping skills too early and secured his spot in the kitchen as the dedicated vegetable cutter. Through all the meal testing, he has gotten even better! Ed got himself banished from the kitchen early after an early mishap, but he focused his energy of helping develop our packaging and delivering our very first meals to customers.

The initial feedback we received was amazing and the team could not have been prouder. Our energy continues to come from you. We are so passionate about making something that people love. We are still pretty shocked that it has come this far since Zach’s apartment wall and the sticky notes, but we could not be more excited about what is to come.

Thanks for reading!


Ed, Kasey, Neha, and Zach